La lluvia y otras cositas.

Here I offer a gathering of thoughts that the natural elements bring forth in my mind. I hope you enjoy.


I like it when it rains. All that was caked with dirt is washed and rid of its disguise. No more hiding. I like the aroma that is emitted when the rain pummels the ground with a soothing, drumming beat. The smell of its fertility aerosolized. I like how the light plays in the rain. It bounces from puddle to puddle like a happy child, graceful, pure, innocent and beautiful. I like how the streets are

empty when the rain falls. Everyone hides and stays away. Not me. Im out. Alone, with my thoughts. Free. Happy.


I am not a complete fan of the wind. Its howling had me hiding under my makeshift blanket I slept with as a child. Its knocking me over as I approach a city corner and the tousling of my hair remind of the actions of my bullies from the past.

As the years have come and gone, I’ve learned to enjoy aspects of the wind. I mean,

"... a happy child, graceful, pure, innocent"

I don’t love it completely, but I do enjoy the gentle sound of the rustling leaves. I’m reminiscing now but I’ve learned to enjoy because of her words.

When I used to complain about anything, she would simply hold me in her arms until I settled down and her warmth subdued me into a state of peacefulness. It was then that she would say that we as people tend to focus on negative aspects of everything. We, for some perplexing reason, allow the negatives to drive us. She would then squeeze me firmly, and continued her words by saying that we should instead focus on the

positives of our memories and situations. Don’t let the negatives rule your life.

Good words from a wise person. And even though there is plenty of bad with the situation we were in, the good will always over rule any of it. ✺